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About Us

About Us

Why choose Meet Up?

MEET UP was launched by Stephen Ellis in October 2022 with a simple VISION. Ellis says. “We aim to build a free to use worldwide online social media network where organisers of activity groups can arrange both in-person and online meetings.”

“At MEET UP we want to attract organisers of special-interest groups who meet for activities such as hiking or walking in or around the places where they live.” “We also want to attract organisers of special interests groups worldwide; book clubs, gardening, travelling and cooking tips etc.


Please send us your stories and pictures to include in our blog.

What is Meet Up?

EllisMEET UP is a free to join worldwide community and social media network. Membership and registration is free of charge. We recognise that not everyone wants to set up a group but if you want to run your own club or community that’s also free of any charges.

Calling all Group Organisers

Register now and create your own community. Create a local group or one that has worldwide interest. Register for our blog and I’ll keep you posted and let you know how this exciting new venture progresses. Oh and did we mention? There are no organiser’s fees on MEET UP.

It's completely FREE. It couldn't be more budget friendly

Unlimited messaging between members, groups and organisers.

Check out profiles, groups and community directories.

Meet Up App available for your smartphone

Coming soon - We're working on it

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